Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hug Your Dog For Me Please.

Well, so after I made the big post about posting more, work had me well, doing work so that didn't happen. So again, I apologize and I hope to be able to post more.

However, this is not the reason why I'm blogging today. Basically, I've just found out that our family dog, named Max, has cancer in his stomach and is going to a special place today where they will do an ultrasound to see if it has spread to his liver. If it has not spread then is he going to go into surgery, if it has, then the only thing that they can really do is make him comfortable.

I honestly never thought I'd be praying my dog had surgery today.

Now, he has always had a weight problem, not an over-weight problem, but an under-weight one. He is a little strange in that he has never been all that excited when we put food down for him, so we leave it out all day. Now, when he has a special treat like leftover eggs, steak and chicken juices he would go nuts for it, but otherwise, he wasn't such a fan of the dry food. This has never really been a problem, just strange in a house full of over-weight people that the dog is skinny. But lately he has been eating less and less and getting under the healthy weight zone, we thought he was getting better, but now it turns out that we have to pray he gets surgery.

He is older, 9 years old, and a small dog, which means that he has a shorter lifespan already. But not this short. What makes this worse is that I'm overseas. I can't pet, hug, and give all the loving I want him and I can't. So I ask all of you dog lovers and owners out there to please hug your dogs for me today. Because I can't and it is breaking my heart at the moment.

This is a picture of him as a puppy, it is the only one I can find at the moment which is really making this worse. Excuse me, I need to go off and cry now.
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