Thursday, January 22, 2009


Right, I said I would be writing everyday, so let's get this day started!!

Today, I'm going to give you a smoothie recipe of mine.  You should know I adore smoothies.  They solve that sweet-tooth problem of mine while not being fatty and calorie ridden ice-cream or other processed shit that I sometimes still indulge in.  And, if done right, they can be a meal on there own.

This is a fruit smoothie that is my breakfast today and serves one person if they want a large, or two people looking for a small/medium.

Put in equal parts strawberries and cantadew.

** For those who don't know cantadew is a new melon that is a cross between a cantelope and a honeydew.  The outside looks like a cantelope, but the inside is green and but still tastes like the yummy orange cantelope and is what I'm finding here in lovely South Korea.  If you want to subsitute real cantalope please do, I do not attest to honey dew though...

About a teaspoon of Vanilla Protein powder -

**I'm not a buff person, but I love this stuff because it gives me that little bit of extra flavor and some protein in my smoothie that supposedly keeps you full longer...does that work, I'm not a doctor, but if you put in only a little bit you get a nice vanilla flavor to it.  Warning though, too much and your smoothie will taste like shit, I suggest you experiment.

Then fill the rest of the container with berry juice. 

**Multiple juices are found all over Korea with a lot more ease at times than in the States at least.  For instance, I don't remember seeing a nice berry juice (rasberry is the focus on this one) without spending a lot more for a lot less than I would want.  Here, their cheap so you may see me expirementing with lots of different juices.


If you find your too be too thick, which I often do because I freeze my fruit to last longer, you can do 1 or two things.  Leave your smoothie to sit out for about 5 minutes if you and let the frozen stuff melt just that little bit and mix again.  It works, I do this one often.  Or you can just add a little bit of water right then if you are impatient. 

Final step:  Enjoy.

If you like it let me know, if you want more recipes let me know.  I often expirement with cooking and other things like this.  Although I warn you, I don't always measure very well when I do this stuff...eyebaling FTW...
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