Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's

Well, it's that time of year. If you are living in the Western world then I'm sure you know and are expiriencing in someway shape or form April Fool's Day. The day where all the pranks come out and people try to trick one another in the most specectaluar way that they can.

This often leads to property destruction or people getting injured...and really that's not all that funny. I hate seeing people get hurt, I've never found that amusing and too often people get caught up in the idea of pulling off the perfect prank that it no longer becomes funny. Or if it's the internet, it just means that I'm going to get Rick Roll'd a lot...we need to find a new joke internet...this one gets old quick today.

Now, I have no examples on bad April Fool's jokes...yet the day has just begun for the rest of the world, but I'm keeping my out for one ot report on...but I will tell you about the best April Fool's joke I've heard about.

I'm sure many have heard about it but if you haven't last year Think Geek, known for their wide variety of geeky apparel, especially interactive shirts claimed they had a shirt that would be the soundtrack to your life. It would play music and you could control it, so it would be like living in your very own movie with your very own soundtrack. Or you could annoy the shit out of people and by playing your music through your shirt with very little they could do about it. Either way, awesome.

And people bought it! So many people believed that it was a real shirt! Which truly makes a great April Fool's joke, that people truly believe in your joke and no one gets hurt. In fact, so many people believed that this shirt was real that Think Geek has gone ahead and made it! It's there in the store right now for you to buy for only $39.99...that's ridiculous for a shirt like this. I'm pretty sure I have a shirt or two that cost close to if not more than that...and they don't have special features...I just wear them to death. Go and check this out here.

I hope there is a prank that awesome this year. Cause that was seriously awesome. And I may need to get that shirt soon...

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