Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where has my English gone? I just made a post about my new blog and there I am, checking it out when I notice things...
"bite the bucket"
"After I finished the movie I had was this idea..."

WTF?! Where has my English gone?!

I used to be able to write better than this! I know I wasn't the best writer before but seriously! The only thing I can think of is while I'm teaching these kids basic English my own English skills are fading. Spending my day hearing "Teacher finishi!" and other similliar phrases has clearly put my brain into this mode where I cannot help but to stay in all the I now ask for your forgiveness as I continue to screw up my home language...and maybe I should find an editor before I post anything...

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Marius said...

Eye woodent wuree a bout it.

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